Sagwan farming in Rampur

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A vivacious making tree, with balanced crown, staggeringly variable in size, with straight stem, up to 27m/7m.

What does it take after:

A sharp making tree, with balanced crown, astoundingly variable in size, with straight stem, up to 27m/7m. Stem in perplexing degrees finishes a clearing size, with tall, faultless, tube kept bole, having uniform size, watches the chance to be fluted and buttressed with age.

Silvicultural Characters

A reported light-demander. Fragile to strife, particularly roots. Denies dry season however savage to ice. Coppices and pollards vivaciously. It is not bankrupt down, withstands wounds from cutting and fire.

Essentials to make:

Recoups from seeds, yet the degree depends on upon the climatic and soil variables. Incline towards alluvial soil for germination. Seeds are scattered through water. Get joined and sprinkling pulls in germination. Needs accreditation from touching and fire.

Nursery-brought seedlings are transplanted up in April. Seeds are sown in all around included beds in sprinkled zones or hosed beds in dry zones in the midst of March-June, subordinate upon the change. Seeds for each bed of 12 m x 1.2 m sways from 5 to 12 kg subordinate upon the compass. Seeds are secured and mulched, and watered in dry zones. Watering is a little piece right this minute lessened. Stumps from seedlings of 1-2cm thick are set up with 1.5-5.0 cm shoot and 15-25 cm taproot without level makes and planted in the midst of tornadoes; split-parts other than give fulfilling results. Made stumps raised in April in polythene-tubes give better results. Site is set up by influencing the cut and, with head precipitation of 150cm, 2.6m x 2.6m is sensible. Subordinate upon wetness, the stumps are planted in crowbar openings or 30cm3 pits. NPK (1:2:4) is in like course given in latertic soils.

Where to offer:

• Wood can be sold to timber shippers.

• Seeds can be sold to pharmaceutical relationship for strong structures.


• For soil recuperation, control of rubbing; saw for and watch the opportunity to be under agro-and social officer joint effort. Beating things, which don’t adversy impact teak, for event, maize, slant paddy, chillies, horse gram, ragi, et cetera., can be made for 1-2 years amidst teak. Other than made for safe house belts, windbreaks and as sponsorship.

• Timber : One of the most key hardwoods the world over. Shafts, stores, keep going on, a clearing get-together of movement, framework building, guide building, railways, takes happening as anyone may plan to, joining together, houses, made levels out of plywood, molecule sheets, fire-sheets, furniture, division making, lorry-bodies, trucks, carriages, exploratory instruments, violin-keys, long neck of sitar and showcase of harmonium, agrarian executes; chip sheets of fulfilling quality and paper for making and printing can be made structure the waste wood-shavings. Started charcoal can be made utilizing sawdust.

• Is a standard fuel, yet is not used (sapwood, 4989 kcal; heartwood, 5535 kcal/kg). Charcoal can in like way be made.

• Seeds yield a smooth oil (2%), and moves hair-change; separate used as a cream for eye-downsides.Sagwan plants inSagwan plants in11