Plantvatika offers dry rose petals online in Fatehpur

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We are providing Plantvatika offers dry rose petals online in Fatehpur, for more details call us now 9651263333 or mail us :

PLANTATION offers dry rose petals online in Fatehpur Rose Petals Dry from Plantvatika  in Fatehpur is available for customers worldwide for their personal consumption or for use in manufacturing of various items where dry rose petals forms one of the major ingredients in manufacturing.

Rose Petals Dry from Plantvatika  in Fatehpur are grown in our captive farms across various States and Cities of India by our team of cultivators which are plucked and dried under natural conditions and packed, sealed and collected for further distribution to our customers across India and overseas against their order. Our petals are from Rose of Indian origin having an scintillating frFatehpurnce and is used in pharmaceutical industry, cosmetic industry, tea industry, confectionery industry and more.

Plantvatika  offers dry rose petals in Fatehpur has around 22 Acres of land under rose cultivation which produces more than 60 tons of rose annually which is dried as per the requirement and utilized. We can supply different types and colors ranging from pink to brownish yellow which is used by different industries. Our dried rose petals are in great demand in the U.A.E. United Kingdom and Europe, where it is mainly used as a flavoring agent in sweets and candies and also in the perfume industry. Within India we are mainly supplying to the tea industry for blending with the tea leaves as it has a great demand overseas. It is also consumed by many Ayurveda Medicine manufacturing companies in manufacturing certain types of medicines that has properties to cure certain body ailments.

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